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The 4 'I's of Transformational Leadership

Bass & Avolio (1994) have split the idea of transformational leadership into 4 parts, which they call the 4 'I's. This will help you see the four main areas that you need to think about in terms of being a good leader:

Quotation mark 1 4 Is - Idealised influence; Inspirational motivation; Intellectual stimulation; and Individualised consideration - models of transformational leadership, characterised by the ability to bring about significant change in followers and the organisationQuotation mark 2

(Daft, 2006, pp. 153 - 155)

Food and Resource Economics Department (2002)

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Please watch this clip for detail on the transformational leader.

Idealized influence describes managers who are exemplary role models for associates. Managers with idealized influence can be trusted and respected by associates to make good decisions for the organisation.

Inspirational motivation describes managers who motivate associates to commit to the vision of the organisation. Managers with inspirational motivation encourage team spirit to reach goals of increased revenue and market growth for the organisation.

Intellectual Stimulation describes managers who encourage innovation and creativity through challenging the normal beliefs or views of a group. Managers with intellectual stimulation promote critical thinking and problem solving to make the organisation better.

Individual consideration describes managers who act as coaches and advisors to the associates. Managers with individual consideration encourage associates to reach goals that help both the associates and the organisation.

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